Five Days in September

Directed by Barbara Willis Sweete
Runtime 80 min
Year 2005
Produced by Barbara Willis Sweete, Jessica Daniel – Rhombus Media
Distributed by Rhombus International
Awards  Gemini – Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program or Series Bruce Lange
Best Sound in an Information/Documentary Program or Series Doug DoctorStuart French, Ao Loo, David Rose, Lou Solakofski, Jane Tattersall

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra gets a new lease on life when new music director Peter Oundjian steps on board, and music lovers get to see a firsthand account of the creative firestorm that follows in this documentary from filmmaker Barbara Willis Sweete. A former classical violinist who studied under Itzhak Perlman before being forced down another path by a career-ending injury, the charismatic Oundjian caringly utilizes innovation, collaboration skills, and vast musical knowledge to steer the troubled orchestra back into calm waters while providing the musicians with the inspiration needed to truly refine their skills. In this feature documenting the early days of Oundjian‘s career with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, interviews with the musicians, candid footage, and performance footage all combine to tell the tale of a one man’s tireless efforts to coax beauty from the edge of a deep abyss, and the creativity that it inspired.