Schafer's Labyrinth

Featuring the award winning Molinari String Quartet

Directed by Barbara Willis Sweete
Tribute to R. Murray Schafer
Format HD, 5k Multi-screen projection, Live performance
Year 2018
Produced by Willis Sweete Productions


SCHAFER’S LABYRINTH is a powerful and bold multimedia experience showcasing the 13 String Quartets of R. MURRAY SCHAFER, Canada’s most internationally celebrated composer. This 4-hour festival event presents a stunning program wherein the Molinari String Quartet performs on stage for a live audience, in synchrony with motion picture images projected onto a giant movie screen. The onscreen visuals will include choreography, shots of nature, visual effects, graphics and animation, creating an impressionistic weave – a total unified sensory experience – that immerses audiences through the juxtaposition of live classical music and large screen projection. What emerges is a creative life story with an overarching structure that takes the audience on a cathartic journey reflecting 45 years of artistic exploration by one of the great visionaries of our time.