Directed by Barbara Willis Sweete
Status In Production
Year 2015
Produced by Willis Sweete Productions
Format Digital media, Feature Documentary  

SYNOPSIS One woman’s determination to preserve history kickstarts this documentary to look at the historical shift in footwear, from function and necessity, to style and fashion, and how industrialization changes the landscape and culture of footwear. At the centre of the conflict is Sonja Bata, Socialite and wife of Bata shoe magnate, whose mass production and cheaper factory footwear successfully shod millions of people around the world, particularly in poorer countries. However at what cost? Bata shoes, and other mass manufacturers changed the landscape of footwear, but their affordability changed societies and the way they created and wore shoes. So as a way of preserving culture and history, Sonja created the Bata Shoe museum, so that the shoes and cultural techniques that Bata replaced will forever be remembered.